Professional Work

Level Designer for “The Last of Us Part 2 at


Level Designer for “Solar Ash” at


— Level design, layout, and  scripting for a 3d 3rd person action game

— Gameplay prototyping and test level creation

— Editor Tools Programming for Unreal 4

— Dialog, Cutscene, and Quest Implementation

— Dialog Writing and Story Editing

Game Designer For Torment: Tides of Numenera

— Encounter and Quest Design for a Sci-fi RPG where violence can always be avoided

— Gameplay and AI programming

— Level and Cutscene Scripting

— Narrative design and story editing, collaborated with multiple award-winning writers

— Item and Progression Design

Game Designer For The Mage’s Tale VR

— Prototype construction and pitch support for a VR Dungeon Crawler

— Locomotion design and programming